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From Eyesore to Destination

| See & Do | July 29, 2020

From Eyesore to Destination 

The Story of Maxfield Park

The story of Maxfield Park centers around what makes the Batesville community great, it’s people. Danny Dozier, a well-known musician, handyman, civic leader, entrepreneur, the list goes on, was the driving force behind turning what amounted to a collapsed building and forgotten part of Downtown Batesville into one of the most carefully constructed and unique public parks in Arkansas. 

In 2015, Danny who has been heavily involved in the revitalization of Downtown Batesville, took it upon himself to secure a vacant and forgotten piece of property behind Main Street. He would seek funding for the project through donations and state grants alone. Over the next four years, Danny partnered with the Main Street Batesville organization to host dozens of fundraising events to help push the park further along. 

The park itself is approximately a half acre and for the most part, sits in the footprint of a collapsed building that at one time held a Studebaker buggy dealership and a bottling plant.  Beaming with historical significance, Danny designed a park that would complement the surrounding area perfectly. He utilized the sandstone blocks from the collapsed building to construct impressive walls that surround the park. Artifacts found during the construction phase were repurposed as décor or even functional parts of the park such as a street lamp that was uncovered. Image title

The park features a unique playscape for children that was designed out of repurposed equipment and materials. There is a stage for live music, numerous park benches, and the only public bathroom in the Downtown District. A gorgeous rock waterfall flow flows constantly behind a sculpture created by a local artist. 

One of the most unique parts of the park is the close proximity to the Poke Bayou that flows just some fifty feet away. Future developments hope to provide easy access to those floating the bayou. 

Vision, determination, and community support have turned a space that was once an eyesore into a destination that will further add to the attraction that is Historic Downtown Batesville. 

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