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Holiday Pitch Contest

| Event Planners | July 15, 2022

The Holiday Pitch Contest is an opportunity for interested and experienced parties to pitch their event idea and compete for funds to support its implementation. 

Applicants for the holiday event pitch contest are challenged to create a unique, well-researched, and practical idea for a new holiday-themed event to be held a minimum of one time between November 23rd to December 31st or a significant addition to a current event that the applicant is responsible for hosting that has the potential to attract overnight stays to Batesville. 

Pitch ideas must include:

  • To which audience the event is targeted

  • Why people would attend the event

  • Implementation plans (logistics, dates, locations, etc.)

  • Team responsible for implementation

  • Marketing plans

  • Demonstration of a well-researched idea

  • Knowledge, skills, and resources to implement

The Batesville A&P Commission is funding the pitch contest to offset expenses related to promoting the area as the Christmas Capital of Arkansas™, and to encourage the growth of tourism. The funding in this grant is to promote larger events and overnight stays.


Award amounts of $100-$12,000 will be granted. Number of awards granted depend on the quality of the applicant pool and size of requests. Acceptance of funding is a guarantee of implementation. If an awardee accepts funding, but does not implement the idea as pitched, they may be asked to return the funding to the Batesville A&P Commission. 


  • All complete pitch contest applications will be presented to the Batesville A&P Commission for review

  • Applicants must pitch a new idea or a significant new addition to a current event, events that remain the same from previous years will not be considered

  • Complete applications must be received by August 8, 2022.

  • Applying does not guarantee award

  • Awardees must communicate any event changes that may occur prior to the scheduled start date. Ex: significant detail change, capacity issue, event cancellation, rainout, etc. 

  • Recognition Requirements

    • The Batesville A&P Commission will provide written notice of the status of applications to the e-mail registered on the application. 

    • Award recipients must agree to recognize the Batesville A&P Commission as a funding source on all printed material and websites. The A&P Commission logo will be provided at the time of award.

    • Space for banners and/or promotional materials must be made available to the Batesville A&P Commission at the location of the event, if requested.

  • Feedback Requirements 

    • An event recap is required by the event organizer at the following Batesville A&P Commission meeting. The event recap should include feedback regarding quality of the event including facilities utilized, dining, lodging, and any other related comments. 


Complete applications include:

  • Application information form

  • A 2-minute maximum video of the applicant’s pitch

  • A pitch deck complimenting the pitch video

  • A budget (with narrative, if necessary)

All materials must be submitted here. Complete applications must be received by August 8, 2022.


Award Notification

Applicants will be notified of their award status by no later than August 22, 2022. 
FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT:  Any support received from the Batesville A&P Commission is subject to the Freedom of Information Laws as stated in The Arkansas Freedom of Information Handbook. For additional information, please visit 

Helpful Hints for a Competitive Application: 

  • Do your research - make sure your event’s mission aligns with the purpose of the grant program and the goals of the community as a whole. 
  • Take care in developing your pitch deck - Pitch decks are a story about your idea and team that fully explains why you are poised for the opportunity and the right team to win. Your pitch deck is not meant to encompass your entire presentation but to supplement your ideas and provide helpful illustrations to drive your pitch home. Keep in mind text-heavy slides can feel boring to an audience, and you want your pitch to leave a memorable impact. Supplement your text with creative visuals to demonstrate your points.
  • Practice your pitch - You only have 2 minutes to convince your audience and the first few seconds are the most critical for making an impact and hooking your judges. You want to capture their attention and pique their interest. The human attention span is short. Keeping your communication concise will help your audience to better remember your pitch.

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