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Thriving communities require strategic, long-range vision for the future, and anyone coming into Batesville and the surrounding cities in recent years can see that the area is moving forward in big ways. In 2015, the IMPACT Independence County plan was born out of the potential for greater quality of life in the area. The Batesville Chamber of Commerce, under the leadership of Crystal Johnson, aimed to bridge and promote diverse interests in the region through unified community development. This goal required significant community engagement, so the Chamber recruited both local colleges as partners, along with a steering committee of dedicated community leaders. The Batesville Chamber of Commerce, Lyon College, and the University of Arkansas Community College at Batesville came together to rally residents to envision a more prosperous future. Hundreds of citizens completed surveys and joined committees, in which ideas, opinions, and experiences were shared from all sectors of society. Their grassroots perspectives formed the foundation of the IMPACT strategic plan, an extensive, county-wide vision for enhancing life in the region.

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